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Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Hiatus came faster than I thought

Sorry y’all. I’ve just got my cell phone, so I won’t be able to do in depth searches. 

Be back after next month! Moving back to Texas!

No computer starting on the 8th

I’m moving back to Texas!!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am, really. I’m so sick and tired of the D.C. Metro area, it’s not even funny. My friends who’ve lived here most of their lives love it, but it’s just not my scene. Austin is where it’s at guys. 

BUT! This means that I’ll be shutting off my net for my move starting on June 8th, and probably won’t be back on until later that month, or even early July, depending on what’s going on. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Per the suggestion of an anon awhile back, I did put up a tag cloud though, seen on my main page, and hopefully that gives you a few things to dig through ;)

Hope you are all having a great spring/summer so far! 

Looking for a male model, preferably black hair and hooded eyes- 29 or younger. This is for a demon character so please keep that in mind. Green eyes are cool too. :)

Sean O’Pry is probably the first guy that came to mind for that dark hair/hooded eyes look, but here are some more that might work!!

Blue eyes:
Gilles Chevalier
Clement Becq
Nir Lavi

Green eyes:
Ruben Cortada (personal favorite)
Alim Khokonov

Redhead girl with really curly hair?

Please check my Tag Cloud for non detailed requests. 

Just a reminder y’all. When making requests, I need more than just one trait and gender. There are WAY too many female faces out there that have red, curly hair. 

Please at least give me an age, or even if you’re looking for just a model, or just an actress. Even a little personality trait helps the search go along much faster.


»Sean Maguire Gif Hunt

As requested, we have 164+ small-med gifs of the handsome outlaw, Sean Maguire. None of the following gifs are mine and all credit goes to the exquisite creators. You will find no grey boxes. Please click the heart or reblog if used.


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Any ideas for a daughter of Irene Adler fcs?

Which actress are you wanting to use for Irene Adler? 

Some icons for personal use.

Feel free to use!

Sendhil Ramamurthy