Im looking for a Male celebrity that looks like he could be a teacher. Age between 25-35. Preferably tall and muscular. But just whatever you have. Thanks! xoxo

Sure thing! I wasn’t sure what you were looking for as far as ethnicity, as well as hair/eye color, or just how muscular, but I think I got a decent list.

Popular Faces

Simon Hall
Jamie Dornan
Matthew Goode
Henry Cavill
Paul Walker

Less Popular

Brandon Beemer
Dominic Rains

If you could do some wiggle room with the age, I’ve always loved Idris Alba for a teacher/professor.

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Hello, beautiful, can you help me? I'm looking for two girls. They're sisters, the first one appears to be 19 years and the second is 17 years old. Both have pale skin, blue eyes and black hair and live in the Victorian era. I don't know if it helps you, but they're Cecily and Ella Herondale. Thank you so much xx

OH my gosh, I thought I replied to this already!!

Finding Victorian Era play bys with those characteristics might be hard to find, but here’s some good black haired blue eyed, late teen girls <3

Popular Faces: 
Jemima West
Alexis Bledel (dark brown hair)
Emma Roberts (dark brown hair)
India Eisley
Michelle Trachtenberg (dark brown hair)
Emily Rudd
Anna Popplewell (dark brown hair)
Jodelle Ferland

Unconventional Faces: 
Anna Christine Speckhart
Margaret Qualley
Ashleigh Wesseling

Female. Long red hair. Green eyes. 20's. Sweetheart looking. Danke.

Surprisingly not a whole whole lot of well known models/actresses with red hair/green eyes. Lots of red heads with light green/brown/blue, but not SUPER green eyes. I compiled as many as I could that were in their 20’s (or have a lot of pictures of them in their 20’s), and I’ll let you go through them ;)

I have a lot of red heads in my bank, so here you go! 

Popular Faces: 
Rachel Hurd-Wood
Lily Cole
Barbara Meier
Holland Roden
Rose Leslie

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Male. Brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Assassin-y looking. Late thirties. Tattoos preferable.

Popular Faces: 
Luke Evans 
Dominic Cooper
David Boreanaz

(I’d toss Tom Hardy up here too, but he’s got blue eyes, if you’re willing to change this) 

Unconventional Faces: 
Tony Ward **
Jack Gallowtree
Bartolomeo Fasano
Mario D’Amico

** - personal favorite

Thank you!!! Huge help. :)

You’re very welcome, Anon!

Amanda Peet

Michel Brown

Beckie King